Classes for adults, teenagers and children

Along with my personal work, I want to share my passion for drawing and painting, and teaching is a wonderful way to do it. So I give classes in my studio in Saint-Germain-en-Laye Laye ( atelier 'enfance de l'Art'). I would like to transmit to my students both technical and theoretical (Art History, aesthetics) means to express themselves with drawing and painting according to their desires. I would like to allow them to explore all the artistic paths that may interest them, so that they can find their own.

If you want to enlist in a class:


There are 30 classes in a year:
3h: yearly fare 965€ / 10 classes card 370€
2h30: yearly fare 830€ / 10 classes card 325€
2h yearly fare 690€ / 10 classes card 270€

1h30: yearly fare 540€

a day or half a day with a specific theme or technique
- Stroll in the city: sketchbook in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, as soon as the weather allows it

from Monday 6 to Wednesday 8 of July or from Monday 24 to Wednesday 26 of August
11h-13h: teenagers (80€ + 5€ for non members) 14h-15h30: children (65€ + 5€ for non members)


    A studio to learn about all techniques (or not!). A real freedom and always useful advices.

Laurence P.

    Discover the pleasure of creating with a pencil, a brush, a knive or a quill, colours and black and white. An adventure for beginners and new approaches for more experienced people. Learning to look, forgetting what you think you know, letting the advices carry you on and surprising yourself. We all have a talent, sometimes hidden, which we don't know everything about. I like these searching moments, shared in good mood and kindness.

Chantal M.

    I like the warm and friendly mood, and the teaching quality, whether you are a beginner or less so. Anne-Sophie always gives advices that help and enhance my work. Many thanks for all these good times together.