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Mythology Series
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The artist

After training as an engineer and working more than ten years in the field of banking in France and Great Britain, my Passion won and I decided to follow my path: painting.

2 degrees in Art and in History of Art (at Sorbonne 1 - Paris) later, I continued my researches in several masterclasses, including Hélène Legrand's in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

My personal work questions the limits: to place oneself at the limit between what's real and what's imaginary, at the limit between figuration and abstraction ... The play of colors, the opposition of transparency and opacity are at the heart of my pictorial research. I use transfers in many works because they allow me to start from reality and end up in my own wolrd. If I had to define my painting I would say that it is oniric and colorful.

Along with my personal work, I want to share my passion about Drawing and Painting and teaching is a wonderful way to do it. So I give classes at my studio in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. I would like to transmit to my pupils both technical and theoretical means (History of art, aesthetics) to express themselves with drawing and painting according to their desires. I'd like to allow them to explore all the artistic paths that may interest them, so that they can find their own.


What I will do here will at least have the merit of not resembling anyone, because it will be the impression of what I felt, all by myself.

Claude Monet

The artist, the true artist, the true Poet, must paint only according to what he sees and feels. He must be truly faithful to his own nature.

Charles Baudelaire