The artist

Anne-Sophie Guicheney is an artist in Chatou.

After training as an engineer in ENSAE (National School of Statistics and Economics) and working more than ten years in banking and consulting in France and in the United Kingdom, passion won and I decided to follow my path: painting.

Two degrees (in Sorbonne 1 - Paris) in Art and Art History later, she continued her researches in several masterclasses, including Hélène Legrand's in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

She's a professional artist since 2013 and shows her work in many shows (Salon d'Automne and Salon des Artistes Français in Paris, Salon des Arts in Sèvres, Biennale d'Art Contemporain in Versailles, Biennale des Beaux-Arts in Rambouillet, etc.). She also took part in the spanish photographer Antonio Nodar's project Portrait 2 Self-Portrait, and realized several duo exhibits.

Anne-Sophie's artwork are tales, poetic escapes. In her quest she questions the frontier between what's real and what's imaginary. Colours' play, superpositions, graphics and the dialogue between painting and photography are the essence of her pictorial researches. With a colourful oneirism, Anne-Sophie Guicheney's work places itself in the wake of Chagall and Redon whom she admires for their colours and the poetry of their worlds and whom helped her realize what she wanted to convey through her artwork. She is also keen on the ambivalence of Redon's artwork where you can find both a bright serene painting and much darker but still poetic drawings. Matisse and Schiele enthral and influence her with the importance of graphics in their work and the strong expressiveness of their line. The artist appreciates Street Art for the power of its colours and graphics, but also for the creative freedom of its artists, whom remind her of Van Gogh and Basquiat. Seeing Basquiat's artwork was a revelation, making Anne-Sophie mix all the more several techniques and pictures without limitation. She also draws inspiration from the imaginary worlds founds in graphic novels, for example Enki Bilal's artwork which combine a wonderful drawing to evocative colours, or Emmanuel Lepage, who masters mixing drawing and photography in his travel books.

Photography allows Anne-Sophie to anchor her artwork in reality. Painting brings her to a poetic world. Using mixed media gives her the freedom she's looking for, on canvas or on paper, and allows her to put no limitation to her work. The artist explores themes that mix plant life and undersea world to music and literature (especially tales, mythology and poetry). Texts and music trigger her imagination and she makes the feelings this inspires her visible into her pictures.

Along with her personal work, she wants to share her passion for drawing and painting, and teaching is a great way to do it. So she gives classes in her studio in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. She would like to transmit to her students both technical and theoretical means (by mixing art history and aesthetics to practice) to express themselves with drawing and painting according to their desires. She would like to allow them to explore all the artistic paths that may interest them, so that they can find their own.