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Head in the stars Series
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Mythology : Fenrir Series
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Mythology : Persephone Series
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The artist

Anne-Sophie Guicheney's artworks are tales, poetic escapes. In her quest she questions the frontier between what's real and what's imaginary. Colours' play, superpositions, graphics and the dialogue between painting and photography are the essence of my pictorial researches.

Photography allows Anne-Sophie to anchor her artwork in reality. Painting brings her to a poetic world. Using mixed media gives her the freedom she's looking for, on canvas or on paper, and allows her to put no limitation to her work. The artist mixes arts by seeking inspiration within literature (mainly tales and poetry), mythology and music. Texts and music trigger her imagination and she makes the feelings this inspires her visible into her pictures.

Along with her personal work, she wants to share her passion for drawing and painting, and teaching is a great way to do it. So she gives classes in her studio in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.



    What I will do here will at least have the merit of not looking alike anyone's work, because it will be the impression of what I felt, all by myself.

Claude Monet

    The artist, the true artist, the true poet, must paint only according to what he sees and feels. He must be truly faithful to his own nature.

Charles Baudelaire